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Campbeltown Connections

Town Centre Regeneration Feasibility Study


In April 2015 SKDT was awarded £10,000 from the Scottish Government to develop a vision and action plan for the community-led regeneration of Campbeltown town centre. The Government wants to see communities play an active role in regenerating their town centres and this project will allow us to explore how we can work with other local organisations to achieve this common goal. We are one of just 5 towns in Scotland to receive this funding and are currently reviewing the outcomes and deciding which projects to take forward.

SKDT engaged a tream of consultants who came up with the theme Campbeltown Connections.

This reflects the need and desire to connect Campbeltown to….


- North Ayrshire and the rest of the mainland….airport, Ferry

- to Ireland

- to the rest of the peninsula


Within the town itself –


- connecting people and projects

- connecting space needs with building capacity

- connecting stories of the place

- connecting ideas


The report has helped SKDT to come up with a strategic plant to promote new projects which provide social and economic benefit to the community. We used it as a building block to promote a shared vision for Campbeltown and its community.


Our goal is


•To improve the Town Centre and surrounding areas.


•Develop a sense of community and create positive interaction between communities


•Provide a safer environment for the enjoyment of local people.


•Increase local pride


•Have a positive effect on the local economy

You can read more about our plans for the future here

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