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Raising The profile of SKDT

SKDT has now relocated to the newly refurbished Town Hall.   

We previousely shared an office with Argyll & Bute Council THI staff in Harvey's Lane and wanted to raise community awareness of our worthwhile projects, increase our membership and recruit volunteers.


To do this effectively we undertook a series of initiatives to strengthen the Trust and ensure it continues to reflect the needs and ambitions of the local community, including awareness-raising, community engagement, volunteer promotion, and membership recruitment.

You can now easily find out about the work we do via the following platforms:


  • SKDT monthly Newsletter which provides information on local events to the wider community. HERE

  • SKDT Facebook page which is updated regularly. HERE

  • SKDT blog page. HERE


You will now also occasionally see SKDT in our local newspaper The Campbeltown Courier plus the occasional chat on the Local Radio station Argyll FM. Watch this space!

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