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Hanging Baskets

SKDT know how difficult it can be for local organisations to find extra cash to brighten up the place, so this year we worked with the community garden to help bring some colour and cheer to the streets of Campbeltown.

Last year we worked with various groups to fill the baskets and we bought the plants locally. This year we were slightly more organised and purchased plug plants well in advance which Campbeltown Community Orchard & Garden (CCOG) planted and looked after until they were ready for the better weather.


SKDT staff and volunteers distributed them to local charities in the town centre and will collect them again at the end of the season to be refilled again next year. Have you spotted them?

You can see one outside the Community Shop  (pictured right), Shopper Aide, Zero Waste Heroes, TSI, KYES and there are a couple at the Campbeltown Gateway plus 2 at the yard we use for volunteers and Storage (Old WMF Yard beside Diamond Vaults).

We hope to replicate this next year, perhaps on a larger scale. If you are interested in helping out please get in touch. You can find us in the Town Hall or email

Volunteers from SKDT pictured left working with Elderberries Group, part of the Shopper-Aide family to fill baskets.

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